Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hi Guys,
It's been a while, kind of long while since I've ever posted on this blog.
My apologies for the delay. We just got a lot more busy with the construction of our house which went for some time.
Well the website is live and has been live for a while. My book " The Karmic Rewind " was self-published in January 2012 on Amazon and is also available in Kindle edition.

Please feel free to check the website at and the book on Amazon and various other sites. The trick is no secret Just Google " The Karmic Rewind " and you'll find the links.

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Have fun, Live Happy after all that's what life was made for.

Atam Dhillon
Author - The Karmic Rewind

Friday, 19 August 2011

The Karmic Rewind - Karma and Life

This Planet has been and is being governed by the Laws of Karma.
In this blog I will write about the Karmic Theory and
My Book - The Karmic Rewind

This Book will try to help the people of the world in realising themselves and to lift up their life to what it really is, What it really was suppose to and How you can achieve your goals with few very important steps and take a great approach in how to rectify things in your life with absolutely marvelous techniques that will change your life. The book is in its final mode and I hope to Serve the Human Race to understand life and the way we live it, and the way we can Improve it. 

After all in our physical consciousness We only get it Once.

I am also organising my website for this book and Will Notify visitors in a post once live.